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Our tenants

With over 12 years of experience in flat sharing for international professionals we have a good idea what type of tenants to look for. Our team has strict guidelines for potential tenants:

1) Background checksbackground_check
Each tenants undergoes background checks and is interviewed by one of our staff to assure that the right candidates are with us. Our tenants live in a flat share by choice and have done this before. It is expected that they respect a code of conduct based on respect, tolerance and social ease.

2) Detailed financial checks
We only accept tenants with sound finances and follow a financial rule whereby a tenant cannot rent out a room if the monthly rent exceeds one third of his wage.

3) Handpicked profilestenant_hand_shake
We chose profiles to select flatmates whose lifestyles, interests and educational background match. We believe that this helps to create a team where the flat share is really more than just a room in a flat but a true home.

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