Why is there an agency fee?

Why is there an agency fee?

We are aware that agency fees are highly unpopular.
-So why do we ask for one?

The simple answer is that a reduced fee is nevertheless essential to cover some of our basic cost. In no specific order it helps with:

  1. Insurance cover

    All tenants in our flatshares are insured through us.

  2. Agency cost – the staff

    For a flat to have all tenants, an agent tends to work two to three weeks with numerous visits to a flat and hours of administrative work (advertising, phone calls, emails, answer questions etc.) We also pay great care to select individual flatmates and create good group dynamics.

  3. Flat Refurbishment

    Our flatshares are partly furnished, meaning that we install for instance the washing machine and all furniture in the living room: Sometimes also individual rooms are furnished. There are also installation costs for the internet for instance and cleaners to be paid.

  4. Flat Transformations

    We often take over flats which require additional work to meet the standards of modern well-equipped apartments (e.g. new kitchen, wooden floors or inside transformation of the flat and repairs). This is our most important expenditure and the fee contributes to reduce this substantial cost.

  5. Creating New Flatshares

    We spend a large amount of time searching for new flatshares and negotiating with property owners. Since many property owners can be more traditional, this is not always straight forward.

We guarantee quality standards are met. This is of course also the case once you have moved in. Your room should not just be a pied-à-terre but a real home.

Our Typical Flatshare

Our typical flatshare is a three bedroom flat, located centrally or close to the main transportation hubs in a modern spacious setting where individual rooms cost between 7-900 euros. We don't have any bedrooms available for under 700 euros. We also go to great length to make sure that our flats are in desirable locations and equiped with all necessities.

Join Us

We find and create new flatshare across Luxembourg city all the time. Help and support us to achieve our aims. If you know of a flatshare that we could take over, get us in touch with the owners and you could earn up to a 100 euros.