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About Us

Vauban & Fort is uniquely equipped to deal with the concerns of international tenants and local property owners alike. At heart we are ‘Luxembourgian expats’ if this term applies, people who have lived a substantial amount of time outside the Grand Duchy but who have been born and raised here.  We understand the country’s culture & customs, speak ‘Lëtzebuergësch’ and combine this with over 10 years professional know-how and expertise in the field.

The company grew out of the experiences made living with professionals across different cities, both in Europe and abroad. We recognize that the concerns and interests of property owners are everywhere very much the same -namely to have a reliable source of income, know that their property is well looked after and that ultimately, they can get it back if and when it is needed.

What better way to achieve this goal than through an international flatshare of qualified professionals who are career-driven and respectful individuals that have made the Grand Duchy their home.  – Ultimately we are passionate about creating great homes for like-minded individuals that safely allow property owners to have a reliable source of income.

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