How to find a home
About flatsharing in the Grand Duchy

How to find a home

Welcome to Luxembourg! – or if you are not yet here, perhaps we can welcome you soon enough. You made a great choice and the Grand Duchy is a vibrant place full of opportunities and a multinational background where you quickly feel at home. Once you have a job, finding a room or a place to live is the next step until you are fully set up and ready to go! We wanted to give you a heads up on accomplishing the latter:

Areas to live

There are many really cool places to live in the city, whether this is your modern loft right in the city center, whose owners want to make some extra money or a flat share in the sought-after areas of ‘La Gare’, ‘Limpersberg’ or ‘Belair’ for instance. Increasingly also the areas around ‘Cessange’ and ‘Cloche d’Or’ are becoming more desirable. Yet the rental market in the capital can be challenging, particularly if you have just arrived or are looking for a flat share while still abroad and do not have any contacts yet. It is possible to find an excellent flat that is just right, in terms of location, price and of course the people, but it does need some networking or you might prefer to work with an agency to assure quality standards and have a guaranteed return of your deposit.

Where to find rooms?

One of the main sources of finding rooms in Luxembourg is, the flatsharing platform in Luxembourg. They make up for something like 70-80% of all room offers in Luxembourg city.

There are also several FB groups where you can look for rooms but it might be an idea to check whether this is a legal sublet. Indeed many owners are not aware that there is a sublet happening at their property and potential tenants of such unserious offers risk losing their deposit in full if the owner finds out.

Some common pitfalls

You should always ask whether you can register at the townhall for your potential new home.
(If this is not possible, chances are high that you are looking at an illegal sublet)

  • Do check whether your new home is actually insured
  • Never ever pay money up front until you have received a legally binding contract

These are some of our suggestions for now. In the future we might turn this page into a regular blog. See you hopefully soon.

Over the last decades, Luxembourg, with its busy financial center and thriving economy has become a destination for many skilled professionals across Europe. As a multicultural hub it blends making good money with a higher quality of life. It is not surprising that in the end many people end up staying longer than they anticipated, too.

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  • Our Typical Flatshare

    Our typical flatshare is a three bedroom flat, located centrally or close to the main transportation hubs in a modern spacious setting where individual rooms cost between 7-900 euros. We don't have any bedrooms available for under 700 euros. We also go to great length to make sure that our flats are in desirable locations and equiped with all necessities.

    Who is Vauban?

    Vauban was the lead architect and strategic planner under Louis XIV. Due to his careful and efficient guidance, Luxembourg city transformed into the foremost fortification in Northern Europe and became widely known as ‘Gibraltar of the North’.

    Join Us

    We find and create new flatshare across Luxembourg city all the time. Help and support us to achieve our aims. If you know of a flatshare that we could take over, get us in touch with the owners and you could earn up to a 100 euros.