What our clients say about us


'Very responsive and efficient!. Helpful even from distance. They return the deposit really quick'

Ianja R, 27,
French consultant

August 23, 2018

'The agency is quick, actually even too quick, you can ask for help about something and it can be solved in an hour. They are very responsive, safe, friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!'

Duygu S, 31,
EY senior

August 23, 2018

'Fantastic service, cordial and professional, a great agency! :)'

Joud A, 27,
Vodafone digital manager

August 23, 2018

'I had a great experience with Vauban&Fort. I stayed in a nice shared flat in Limpertsberg for almost an year. They were always very nice, reliable and helpful in any respect. My flatmates were great. I really felt like home! Thank you guys!'

Kristina S, 28,
employee Max Planck

February 14, 2018

'Responsive, accommodating and friendly, very happy with the condition of the flat'

Sam C, 27,
British translator

February 9, 2018

'Best place to live when looking for a nice accomodation. Fair offer more than decent price. They were always helpful and they return the deposit really quickly! Highly recommended'

Helena F, 28,
Amazon intern

February 9, 2018

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Our Typical Flatshare

Our typical flatshare is a three bedroom flat, located centrally or close to the main transportation hubs in a modern spacious setting where individual rooms cost between 7-900 euros. We don't have any bedrooms available for under 700 euros. We also go to great length to make sure that our flats are in desirable locations and equiped with all necessities.

Join Us

We find and create new flatshare across Luxembourg city all the time. Help and support us to achieve our aims. If you know of a flatshare that we could take over, get us in touch with the owners and you could earn up to a 100 euros.