What our clients say about us


'Great flat, and flatmates ! Agency very quick, I got my deposit back without any delay.'

Remi C, 26,
KPMG imployee

July 18, 2019

'Great and reliable agency, very nice and tidy accommodation, they really care about their tenants and the environment in their flats. I can say only the best about my stay. I would recommend them to everyone! :)'

Nina K, 30,
Croatian Junior Associate

July 18, 2019

'Great flat (new and clean), great flatmates and got my deposit back without delay and problems.'

Valentin A, 29,
French economist

July 16, 2019

'Good experience with nice flatmates! Reactive and they send me back my deposit within 2 days.'

Salimata D, 24,
Pwc auditor

July 16, 2019

'Stayed in the flat located at rue Fort Wallis for a year. Nice room in a big apartment. Agency is quick to reply to any potential issues and got my full deposit back within a week.'

Alexander D, 25,
Société Générale intern

July 16, 2019

'Highly recommended! The room was fantastic, and the staff were always nice, responsive and made everything easy. Also the deposit refund was fast, which is quite appreciated.'

Jaime S, 24,
Deloitte analyst

November 26, 2018

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Our Typical Flatshare

Our typical flatshare is a three bedroom flat, located centrally or close to the main transportation hubs in a modern spacious setting where individual rooms cost between 7-900 euros. We don't have any bedrooms available for under 700 euros. We also go to great length to make sure that our flats are in desirable locations and equiped with all necessities.

Who is Vauban?

Vauban was the lead architect and strategic planner under Louis XIV. Due to his careful and efficient guidance, Luxembourg city transformed into the foremost fortification in Northern Europe and became widely known as ‘Gibraltar of the North’.

Join Us

We find and create new flatshare across Luxembourg city all the time. Help and support us to achieve our aims. If you know of a flatshare that we could take over, get us in touch with the owners and you could earn up to a 100 euros.