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We are very lucky to have a team of highly skilled and loving people that come from great companies, great schools and great life experiences. We take care of our colleagues and challenge each other to reach our fullest potential and build great value for our customers. If you want to learn a lot and give back just as much, reach out to us anytime.

Our mission is to provide quality coliving arrangements and create shared-homes that focus on common values so that our members have an enriched quality of life, can integrate much quicker and make meaningful connections with others.

Jerome Ensch
Partner & CFO
Living in London and New York, Jerome has been involved in Coliving for over a decade. As founder and current CFO of VF he has a wealth of experience and expertise in Coliving and has been a thought leader speaking at a number of public events (Colive Summit 2021). With a passion for maintaining excellent client relationships, and spotting business opportunities, Jerome's main role is to focus on business expansion. - When not a work, Jerome can be found doing sports or reading.
Yuliia Kusa
Yuliia is Ukrainian but considers Luxembourg her second home. Having studied Communication in a Multicultural Environment and with a passion for people and diversity, the development of Coliving was a perfect job choice. Yuliia joined Vauban&Fort in 2017 and her main focus is on high operational efficiency and marketing. -With a positive and optimistic attitude at work, Yulia loves the great outdoors and is a tireless traveller in her time off.
Mario Gjeta
Finance and Senior Client Officer
Mario is from Albania. In 2019 he moved to Luxembourg for his master's in Finance and Economics. At the same time, he started working as a student at Vauban&Fort. In 2021 he left the team to join Amazon as a finance intern but has returned since then to add his expertise in finance and accounting and has a more senior role now in the team. Mario is excited to be part of the amazing mission Vauban&Fort has set towards improving Coliving in Luxembourg. - He is our TV series expert and knows it all about F1.
Constanza Maria Paderne
Client Service Officer
Constanza is our favorite globe-trotter, she was born in Argentina and lived in US, Portugal, Chile and finally in Luxembourg. Having studied Business Administration and holding a Master's in Organizational Psychology, she loves the human side of the job and since 2019 she enjoys being in touch with our clients. She is a wine lover and passionate about nature; hiking and rock climbing around Luxembourg is her top activity during the weekends.
Meri Mkhitaryan
Client Service Officer
Meri was born in Armenia. She did her bachelors in International Relations in Beijing, China. After her studies, she got some work experience at the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Currently, she is doing her Master degree at University of Luxembourg in Legislative Studies, in parallel, since 2020 she works at Vauban&Fort. - She is always positive and smiling, has fallen in love with Luxembourg and never misses an opportunity to travel around.
Lucas Raposo
Client Service Intern
Lucas was born in Brazil and spent part of his childhood in Portugal before moving to Luxembourg. He's our intern, he's always in a good mood and willing to learn from us. Thanks to his internship at Vauban&Fort he is acquiring more experience in day-to-day administrative work as well as client services. After this period, he will graduate in Business Management from the University of Luxembourg. - He is the team's athlete and never says no to a training session.
Neringa Dagher
Client Service Officer
Born in Lithuania and raised by France, Neringa lived and called "home" multiple countries until she found Luxembourg. Neringa is a cosmopolitan professional settled in Luxembourg since 2020, making it her home. - She likes exploring through travelling, enjoys cooking and reading a good book at the same time as a good match of tennis.
Isabella Primicerio
Client Service Officer (part time)
Isabella was born in Italy. She did her Bachelor in Venice and in 2018 she moved to Rotterdam for her Master's degree in "Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship". In 2020 she moved to Luxembourg and joined Vauban&Fort. She is very passionate about social sustainability and innovation, carrying on different exciting projects on this topic.
Valeriu Ilie
Maintenance worker
Valeriu is an experienced handyman and worker that provides quality work to make sure that the wheels of the operation never stop. His expertise and knowhow in all things that need fixing about the house is invaluable. He is also the lead worker of MHL (MyHandymanLuxembourg) a subsidiary company of Vauban&Fort. - Valeriu is Romanian and loves staying fit and mixing cocktails for others.


The following values are at the heart of our company culture. Since the very beginning in 2015 our team’s focus has been to embody these values and live them across all aspects of the business. We are proud of our work and strive for high quality standards which is reflected in the reviews and feedback of our clients.
We always take on the responsibility of what is within our scope of action, never blame others for our mistakes and always share successes.
Everybody is encouraged to bring their own opinion to the table and contribute to the bigger picture. We believe in getting things done and being proactive to overcome potential obstacles.
Be a real team
We value autonomy and team spirit in equal measure. No task is too small or any responsibility too big. We always do what's best for our tenants and will go the extra mile to make sure you feel right at home with us.
Hard Work
Working hard is the path towards great things. Bring your dedication and commitment to Vauban&Fort and you will get from us all the trust to work things your way and a strong commitment towards a top work life balance.

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We have over 12 years of experience in flatshares for professionals in London, New York and Luxembourg. As an agency, we apply our expertise and know-how to ensure clients find the most suitable solution to rent a room in Luxembourg, a studio, or a shared house with other people.