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What we do

Care for your home

24/7 Professional maintenance Weekly professional cleaners Monthly property checkups by our dedicated staff

Guaranteed Payments

We guarantee no interruptions in your rental payments, no matter what. You can rely on us to pay your rent on time, every month.

Zero Stress

Vauban&Fort takes all the hassle out of renting your property, so you can sit back, relax and let us do all the hard work.

How it works
  • One single partner to manage your property
  • We guarantee the rent for years
  • We are solely responsible for your property
Services added free of charge
  • Professional Maintenance
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Monthly property checkups by our dedicated staff

What owners say about us


Annual growth per year since 2017


Homes created


Payments on time


Projected annual growth

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Who are our tenants?

  • We select tenants through individual interviews
  • Our av. tenant stays 18months+
  • We insist on Respect to guarantee a peaceful lifestyle
  • 400+ tenants to date speak of our expertise and knowhow

What our tenants say about us

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We can give tired-looking apartments a new look. We also build dry walls that are quickly installed with minimum disruption in about 2 days. Many people are familiar with these from ‘open’ offices spaces that have been split. We take very detailed pictures ‘before’ and ‘after’ and at the end of the lease return the flat to its original condition. All changes, if any, are paid for by Vauban & Fort. This can also be a way to increase the value of your flat.


Vauban&Fort was founded in Luxembourg, in 2015. The idea behind it was born by experiencing how complex and frustrating finding a home can be. Bureaucracy, a very limited offer, high set up costs and difficult flatmates. With personalized viewings, a community of like-minded people and an all-inclusive service, Vauban&Fort aims to create a top housing experience. We started with a single flat in Kirchberg and now have close to a hundred rooms across the city, always in central location at affordable rates and continuously looked after by our dedicated property managers.

We plan on offering a great housing experience to an ever increasing number of people.



Vauban was the lead architect and strategic planner under Louis XIV. Due to his careful and efficient guidance, Luxembourg city transformed into the foremost fortification in Northern Europe and became widely known as ‘Gibraltar of the North’. Fort Vauban was one of the 29 Forts guarding Luxembourg city and the French military engineer helped to transform Luxembourg into the foremost fortification in Europe and in no small way turned Luxembourg city into the ‘Gibraltar of the North’.



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