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'Strassen' is connected to the tram at 'Place d'Etoile' and from there it is easy to get anywhere within the city. 'Strassen' itself is actually very long and has one main road of several kilometers that really connects the whole town. As Luxembourg has expanded, 'Strassen' has become more attractive and there are several major redevelopments happening in this area. For instance it has a massive new hospital complex and also another shopping complex, the 'Belle Etoile' which is very popular amongst Luxembourgians. 'Strassen' has some really nice corners and is overall a bit more residential in character except for the central road which is the main artery to get into the city centre and therefore also has a lot of traffic. Having said that, once you have reached 'Place d'Etoile', you are only minutes away from the park and 'Kinnekswiss' or the 'Villa Vauban' (Art Museum). Over the last few years, flatsharing in 'Strassen' has also seen an ever increasing popularity and to rent a room in Strassen is a good idea. You are also adjacent to 'Belair' which has a top tennis club and swimming pool.