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FIND A ROOM - Limpertsberg


FIND A ROOM - Limpertsberg

Limpertsberg’ is one of our favourite areas and highly sought after. There are numerous reasons for this, including its excellent schools but also its more residential character, many cool bars (‘Tramways’) and its outstanding connection to pretty much everywhere, including Kirchberg. Limpertberg is located right next to Glacis, where every year since the 14th century the ‘Schueberfouer’ attracts by now over 1million visitors but it is also very quick to get to the ‘Kinnekswiss’ (the lawn of the king) which is the perfect park to chill out in the capital when the weather is nice. Limpertsberg is perfect for CoLiving and although this area is pricey we have several very cool apartments there. Rent a room in Luxembourg and we keep fingers crossed that you might find a place in Limpersberg, too.