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Find a room in an apartment for rent in Bonnevoie. We offer some studios too. Bonnevoie, or the ‘Good Way’, was formerly a working-class district in Luxembourg City, but these days have long been gone. Bonnevoie has become hip and is up and coming. Some would argue that it is also a top area for property development projects as it used to be more affordable. Some of the areas are a little bit ‘less desirable’, but at the same time, others are very upmarket and luxurious, offering valid alternatives for housing options. The current Prime Minister has his house here, too. Due to its proximity to the train station ‘Gare’, which is within walking distance just over the ‘Passerelle’ (the pedestrian bridge), you can quickly get to the city centre and other neighbourhoods of Luxembourg city. With its excellent Spa complex, swimming pool and several cool and trendy bars like ‘Bouneweger Stuff’ and a top bakery, ‘Hoffmann’, it is easy to see why it’s pretty cool living here. Due to its excellent connections, it is also ideal for coliving. It is a friendly neighbourhood for a flatshare in Bonnevoie. We are the experts in coliving in Luxembourg, and we assist you in choosing your perfect rental option.