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FIND A ROOM - Kirchberg


FIND A ROOM - Kirchberg

Kirchberg, the beating heart of Luxembourg business, has many top companies which have their main offices there. Amazon is located towards the end of ‘Kirchberg’ as well ‘Arendt&Medernach’ or the European Investment Bank (EIB). Kirchberg also has a larger shopping centre next to Utopolis (the cinema complex). The sq2 meter price is one of the highest in the city, additionally ‘Kirchberg’ also has a world class concert hall, ‘The Philharmonie’ as well as ‘Mudam’ museum and many cool hotels (for example ‘Mama Shelter’). It is less common to actually rent a room in Kirchberg as rental apartments in this area tend to be really expensive. Nevertheless there are a few opportunities to CoLive in Kirchberg. Often international professionals that work in Kirchberg live in areas like Weimerskirch (just on the hill to Kirchberg). Overall this is a top area and perfect to rent a room in a common flatshare.