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The 'Petrusse' valley with its beautiful park and ideallic river, the eponymous Petrusse, is one of the must see places when in Luxembourg. It is in fact several kilometers long and essentially cuts Luxembourg city into 2 main plateaus: on the one side you have 'Gare' with adjacent 'Hollerich' and on the other side you have 'Hamilius' and from there 'Limpertsberg' and other areas. The 'Petrusse' is truely spectacular as the walk in this valley, which is currently being renaturalized, is one of the most-do activities in Luxembourg. Lodged between both plateaus, with its breathtaking views of the fortifications located on both sides and its lush greenery, a walk through the valley under the 'Pont Adolphe' makes this a perfect afternoon activity. It is easy to see why it is such a hit with tourists as from there you also get access to the 'Grund' with its cool bars and breathtaking views of the old city. Properties that are located along the 'Petrusse' normally have a bit of a special, more upmarket status. They don't have much traffic but they are super central. Additionally the 'Petrusse' valley is perfect for long runs. If you find a flatshare along the 'Petrusse' consider yourself lucky as there are indeed very few and often these are amongst the most sought after.