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Rated 4.94/5 Based On 25 Customer Reviews

‘I had a great experience with Vauban&Fort. I stayed in a nice shared flat in Limpertsberg for almost an year. They were always very nice, reliable and helpful in any respect. My flatmates were great. I really felt like home! Thank you guys!’

Kristina S, 28, employee Max Planck

‘Responsive, accommodating and friendly, very happy with the condition of the flat’

Sam C, 27, British translator

‘Best place to live when looking for a nice accomodation. Fair offer more than decent price. They were always helpful and they return the deposit really quickly! Highly recommended’

Helena F, 28, Amazon intern

‘Had an opportunity to stay at the appartment located at Rue du Fort Wallis for some time. Vauban&Fort is very responsive, reachable outside working hours, helpful in solving any issues. Also I was happy with the condition and location of the flat as well as the flatmates with whom I lived.’

Povilas V, 30, Lithuanian Intertrust employee

I moved in to my new home a week ago. I just moved to Luxembourg and Vauban & Fort was really helpful even from a distance. So that I’ve rent the room before I arrive and could move in immediately upon my arrival. The apartment is in a nice area and it’s in good condition too. Flatmates are also very nice and we get along really well, even hang out all together.

Ozhan P, 31, EY emploee

‘Best service ever! I moved in Luxembourg in January but I had a hard time finding an accomodation till I meet Vauban&Fort. They really helped me finding the right flat with the perfect flatmates! warmly suggested to everyone who’s moving to Lux!!’

Marco P, 26 Italian Amazon employee

‘Reliable and full level of assistance. Before moving in they helped me with a “Skype” visit of the apartment as I was not located in Luxembourg. During my stay they were available for any assistance and I received the deposit money back in just 2 working days after I left. Definitely excellent service.’

Kiril, K, 23, Amazon intern

‘Coming to live in Luxembourg for the first time, Vauban&Fort saved me a lot of effort and helped me find an accommodation before my arrival. They were cooperative, flexible and available on short notice. I also liked that my flatmates were carefully selected and were all friendly and respectful. I recommend the flats managed by Vauban&Fort, especially for those who come to Luxembourg for the first time. Great job, thanks.’

Saif S, 28 PWC senior auditor

‘My accommodation in the flat was for 8 months. I am very satisfied. The house was perfect, very clean and comfortable. The other guys very friendly, professional and trustworthy. Vauban was very cooperative and easy to reach. Without doubt the best value for money in Luxembourg and in a great area to live.’

Loukas B, 27, Greek EY consultant

‘For a newcomer to Luxembourg, finding a suitable accomodation can be a lengthy and challenging task, as it is less accepted than in other cities. Thankfully Vauban&Fort’s experience in the process makes things a lot easier. They take care of all the aspects related to the flat, becoming a guichet unique to solve any issues, and I unequivoqually recommend their services.Thanks!

Vlad K, 31, Investment banker

We have over 12 years of experience in flatshares for professionals in London, New York and Luxembourg. As an agency, we apply our expertise and know-how to ensure clients find the most suitable solution to rent a room in Luxembourg, a studio, or a shared house with other people.