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RENT A ROOM in Hollerich

No properties matched your criteria.

Find your room in an apartment for rent in Hollerich. Have a look at some of our studios too. Hollerich used to be less desirable, but this has changed radically with the arrival of the beautiful ‘Soho’ residential complex and some major structural projects that started over the last 5 years. Many of these housing projects are now about to finish, and ‘Hollerich’ is on its way to being transformed. It's an excellent location for living. Some areas are very cool, particularly those located towards the stunning ‘Petrusse valley’ makes ‘Hollerich’ a desirable neighbourhood for coliving. We have cool, fully furnished apartments and houses in this area. To rent a room in Luxembourg, in Hollerich, can turn out to be a real winner. In this district, you can visit and enjoy your time in some nice, hip bars as well as the trendy ‘Place de Paris’. We are the experts in coliving in Luxembourg, and we assist you in choosing your perfect rental option.